The temparture at the Iditarod temparture is normaly near or below freezing, with wind chill from -3 to 30 degrees F.
Visibility can be from 100 miles at the most to only 10 miles at the worst.
Wind speed vaires from 4 to 40 mph.
The weather is mostly fair for the majority of the Iditarod.

Tempartures in Alaska.
Tempartures in Alaska.


More than 14 inches of wind-driven snow had covered the trail on Monday[which Monday?], causing drifts.

John Baker wins the Iditarod on Tuesday March 15. He also shatterred Martin Buser's record by exactly three hours. Mary Shields was the first woman to finish the Iditarod race and she was also the second person to finish the race. Lance Mackey became the first person to win four Iditarod races in a row.

The weather conditions during the iditarod were one of the things that makes the race so difficult to finish. The race rarely takes place in ideal condition. The effect of the weather rising to the mid 40's makesthe race more difficult and dangerous.