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The First Third of the Race Takes its Toll

The Iditarod Insider has been posting video of the damage that can be done when the trail through the Happy River Steps between Rainy Pass and Rohn begins to wear down from the impact of runners and sleds. 5 time Iditarod Champion Rick Swenson injured his shoulder on the steps. He regrouped and decided to point his team in the direction of Rohn. No official word yet on just how badly his shoulder injury is.

Insider Analyst Bruce Lee Talks About How The Field Is Breaking Down

Right now the degrees of separation between front, middle, and back of the packers are beginning to unfold. Click here to take a look at Bruce Lee’s analysis of what’s happening on the trail right now. Right now the insider has moved up the trail to cover teams that will be arriving in Nikolai this morning. If you don’t have your Insider subscription yet, click here now and get inside the 2011 Iditarod!

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